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Digastric muscle facial nerve

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The superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle is a muscle in the pharynx. It is the highest located muscle of the three pharyngeal constrictors. The muscle is a quadrilateral muscle, thinner and paler than the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle and middle pharyngeal constrictor muscle. The muscle is divided into four parts: A pterygopharyngeal, buccopharyngeal, mylopharyngeal and a glossopharyngeal part. The four parts of this muscle arise from: - the lower third of the posterior margin of the medial pterygoid plate and its hamulus Pterygopharyngeal part - from the pterygomandibular raphe Buccopharyngeal part - from the alveolar process of the mandible above the posterior end of the mylohyoid line Mylopharyngeal part - and by a few fibers from the side of the tongue Glossopharyngeal part. The fibers curve backward to be inserted into the median raphe , being also prolonged by means of an aponeurosis to the pharyngeal spine on the basilar part of the occipital bone.
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Cranial Nerve 7: Facial Nerve and its Pathology

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Facial nerve | Radiology Reference Article | cittametropolitana.info

The suboccipital muscles act to rotate the head and extend the neck. Rectus capitis posterior major and Rectus capitis posterior minor attach the inferior nuchal line of the occiput to the C2 and C1 vertebrae respectively. Obliquus capitis superior also extends from the occiput to C1 while obliquus capitis inferior originates from C2 and attaches to C1. The suboccipital muscles are all innervated by the suboccipital nerve. The three scalene muscles are found forming the floor of the posterior triangle.
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The Facial Nerve (CN VII)

Skip to main content. It is important to note that while the facial nerve branches within the parotid gland, it does not provide autonomic innervation to the gland This is supplied by the auriculotemporal division of V3. CN VII is often tested during physical examination and its function can be reported using the House-Brackmann Scale Hint: 1 is normal, 6 is completely non-functional. Parasympathetic Innervation: CN VII provides pre ganglionic parasympathetic innervation to: Submandibular glands Sublingual glands Lacrimal glands Mucous membranes of the nose, palate, and pharynx It is important to note that all of the post ganglionic parasympathetic nerve fibers from CN VII are actually carried to their ultimate targets via divisions of CN V. Parasympathetic innervation in the head and neck promotes the production of mucous, tears, and saliva and is counter regulated by sympathetic innervation.
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V 1 ophthalmic nerve is located in the superior orbital fissure V 2 maxillary nerve is located in the foramen rotundum. V 3 mandibular nerve is located in the foramen ovale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy: Evolution and Adaptation. New Atlas of Human Anatomy.
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